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Si Squad, Here’s the tea……. after the sudden death of Hrush Achemyan’s last pair of expensive sunglasses that she sat on and broke; she screamed; (WHAT THE F**K!!!!) At that moment, she vowed to never drop $$$ on some BULLS*IT again. She searched in all the land for some dope affordable shades, turned out mad, REAL MAD! She then ventured into creating her own, resulting in the birth of si wear originating in her home-town Los angeles, California.
If you’re a busy hard-working boss like Hrush your look more than likely comes with no makeup and more bags under your eyes than baggage claim at the airport. Luckily Sï is here to the rescue…. See through our perspective of evolving fashion where we set the trends. Let’s talk modern shapes, no classic tones… just pure bad bitch vibes! Colors in various hues to match any fit. Retro and oversized designs that your coin jar can afford. Let’s stock your closet and be real. How many sunnies have your lost at the festival, beach or even your jealous little sis stole? How many times can we say RIP? No press here, just a bad bitch trying to shed some light, Throw on a pair of these shades and Sï what all the talk is about!

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