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  • Faiza S June 4, 2020

    I came across this page randomly on Instagram and it caught my eye straightaway! The melts looked so beautiful and she described them so well, I instantly fell in love with them! I couldn’t wait to place an order. So I messaged her and she was so polite and professional. So the wax melts arrived and WOW the packaging was sooo sleek, she added a personalised card for a cute touch. You could smell the wax melts without opening them. I bought the Ramadan selection evening moon box, which consists of beautiful oud scents and I will be ordering many more! These are perfect and last long too, as I’ve remelted the same melt several times! My whole house smells so amazing. Xxx defo recommended!!!

  • Muzne May 30, 2020

    So I’ve been a lover of wax melts for years and have tried many many brands including large and small businesses online and I previously haven’t been happy with the quality of smell from some online business. However when I took a risk and ordered not 1 but 3 boxes which included 5 snap bars per box plus 2 individual ones which weren’t in the box, I knew I was taking a big risk! I had ordered 17 snapbars from a Esscents and it was the best decision I had made that day.

    The quality of the melts are amazing. You can see a lot of love was put in. The service from the beginning was great, all my questions were answered. The detailing of the packaging makes for a great gift. The little card you get and the typed invoice just adds a touch of professionalism.

    I’ve used Ruby Oud so far and it’s the best oud based one I’ve tried compared to other brands. I still have lots of oud based ones to try from my purchases and I already know they’re going to be great. I can smell them without taking the plastic out.

    Thank you again for all your patience in allowing me to decide over a few days. I love supporting small businesses and I will most definitely continue to support Esscents.

  • Azra May 23, 2020

    I was after some new wax melts and came across this brand online. I decided to get a box set and a a single of a scent that wasn’t in the box.

    Firstly, the service was really good. I sent a dm on insta and got a response which answered my questions. Payment was super easy.
    Secondly-The packaging is lovely, they came in a small box which is a- great for a gift 2- really easy to store as the box is compact.
    Thirdly- the wax melts smell amazing and last pretty much all day and the melt itself doesn’t loose scent after a couple of burns which I love. I like having the selection box so I can swap them around as I like. And also- they have a bit of sparkle

  • Mahira May 22, 2020

    honestly by far the best wax melts i have ever smelt! i am totally obsessed! money well spent :)

  • Fatima Said May 22, 2020

    I bought 2 of the ramadhaan boxes and 1 black orchid. I gave most of them to my mother in law and kept a few. I particularly enjoyed burning black orchid. It’s my favourite Tom Ford scent and to have it as a home scent was amazing!
    Also wonderful customer service ♥️